Stormwater Stars

Stormwater Stars are properties that do a great job at managing rain in our city. Want your yard & neighborhood to benefit from rain while revamping your landscape?

Stormwater Stars demonstrations prompt conversation and action around rain. These are hands-on planning and installation workshops for yard-scale stormwater management techniques. Basic topics include restoring & amending soils, porous pathways, pavement removal, lawn reduction/replacement, landscaping with native plants and contained planters. Stormwater Stars practices may also help with minor drainage issues such as damp lawns, low-lying soggy areas and surface erosion.

The implementation of these easy-to-do practices on our own yards can have a very positive impact contributing to our watershed’s health by reducing the volume of stormwater runoff and sediment export generated. Furthermore, we’ll have the opportunity to enhance our neighborhood habitats and reduce the need for harmful lawn and garden chemicals.

Join the conversation about rain! This design-build demonstration series provides participants with hands-on installation experience, and engages you in a supportive community to help you get the job done where you live!

Stormwater Stars is a program delivered by Neighbors West-Northwest and the Westside Watershed Resource Center, in partnership with and funded by generous contributions from West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District and City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.

The fine print

Demonstrations and site visits conducted through this program do not include recommendations for drainage piping or plumbing, basement flooding, foundation problems or foundation drains, French drains, retaining walls, landslide prevention, mitigation of high groundwater, or the capture and infiltration of runoff. We recommend that property owners consult a qualified licensed engineer to address such issues.