Fall 2020 events!

Sunday Sept 13th 11am to 1:00pm


Tuesday Sept 22, 2pm to 4pm

Join us at a Hayhurst neighborhood property for an outdoor hands-on demonstration on how to depave unwanted concrete, replace grass, and create a pollinator area with native plants and permeable paths.

Friday October 9th, 2020

1pm to 3pm

Meet at a private property in Multnomah neighborhood for a conversation and hands-on demonstration on amending and restoring soil, managing rain and erosion with native plants, naturescaping with different canopy levels, and how to create paths that are rain friendly.

Saturday October 24th, 2020

9am to 11am

A private property in Maplewood neighborhood is hosting a stormwater event where you can learn more about replacing grass, low maintenance native plants, and vegetating for rain.

Sunday November 1st, 2020

Noon to 2:00pm

Join us at a private property in South Portland neighborhood where we will demonstrate how to amend and restore soils after ivy removal, vegetate with native plants for erosion control and to compete with ivy, and create porous walking paths.

Stormwater Stars hands-on events are offered in the spring and fall.